Outdoor Activities

Birmingham has a massive amount of sports facilities, particularly in the field of football, tennis and cricket, and there are many municipal golf courses where visitors can turn up and play. Cycling and walking are also very popular in Birmingham owing to the profusion of canals and parks.

Cycling and Walking
The network of canals near the heart of the city provides the perfect opportunity to get away from the bustle of the urban centre and do some walking and cycling. In addition, Birmingham has a fine collection of parks and gardens both in and around the city centre, from small, quaint rose gardens to huge parkland featuring an array of activities. Bicycles can be rented from sports outlets or hotels in the city.

Spectator Sports

Birmingham is famously home to Edgbaston cricket ground, one of the foremost cricketing venues in the country. International test matches are played regularly here in season including the Ashes when it’s in England. Birmingham is also home to Aston Villa and Birmingham City footballs clubs, while the well equipped National Indoor Arena (NIA) hosts regular athletics meets.
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