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Stay safe

As with the rest of the UK, in any emergency call 999 or 112 (from a landline if you can) and ask for ambulance, fire or police when connected.


The English are generally reserved and see good manners as a standard concept of social etiquette. Using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever necessary is recommended if you want your trip ...


Duty-free limits when arriving in the UK from outside the EU for those aged 17 years and over include: 200 cigarettes and 250g of tobacco, or 50 cigars; a litre of spirits over 22 per cent strength; two litres ...


The UK is one of the few countries within the EU to have retained its currency, the pound sterling (£). Pound notes come in denominations of £5, £10, £20 and £50. If you happen to ...


Birmingham has high quality hospitals and clinics, and EU citizens can receive free medical emergency treatment. The city is clean although traffic is still a problem.


Birmingham is a large city and has had problems in the past with violent crime.

Useful Information birmingham

Birmingham is well-prepared and ready to help you during your visit to ensure you have an enjoyable time in the city. There are a number of information points around the city centre with friendly informative ...


Birmingham has several major local newspapers – the daily Birmingham Mail and the weekly Birmingham Post and Sunday Mercury, all owned by the Trinity Mirror who also own What's On magazine, a fortnightly ...


Literary figures associated with Birmingham include Samuel Johnson who stayed in Birmingham for a short period and was born in nearby Lichfield. Arthur Conan Doyle worked in the Aston area of Birmingham whilst ...
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